Travel scanner solution with built in battery and no pc required?


I'm trying to find a travel scanner for our office. We will be scanning basic documents that can be sheet fed like w2 forms, tax returns, bank statements, etc. I'm looking for one that has the following requirements.

1) Built-in battery
2) No PC required to scan
3) Built-in memory or memory card slot (any type)
4) Color scanner
5) non-duplex.
6) OCR isn't necessary but would be nice.

I've found one solution, but it doesn't have the best reviews. I haven't been able to find anything else. Could you assist?

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Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2ndCommented:
This one looks like it might do the job:

Powered by batteries, I expect you could use rechargeables. Uses SD card, and can be attached to a pc by usb lead for transferring files.
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Can battery powered mean connected to a laptop USB powered? That will open up a bunch of options.
First LastAuthor Commented:
aarontomosky -

 You are only seeing one device with built-in battery too? If so, then usb powered will have to be an option.

Do you know of a site that reviews travel usb scanners that have internal memory?
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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
I don't. I was thinkin that something like a netbook with a USB powered scanner strapped to the lid may work.
Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2ndCommented:

I have no idea of the quality, but it is powered by batteries.

Also found this which looks a bit more of a corporate solution:

I'm afraid I didn't hang around to watch the introductory video, but I do remember docupen being around in some guise or other for several years.
Eric FletcherCommented:
Just came across this...

Consider using a digital camera: they are everywhere, inexpensive, and very fast at capturing an image of whatever you want. For "scanning" paper things, try to have good even light and hold the camera parallel to the object. For lots of scanning, attach the camera to a cupboard via a clamp (inexpensive at camera shops) so it points down at the countertop. I use a piece of museum-grade glass to make the paper flatter and limit any glare. The resulting pictures can be cropped as needed, and many OCR programs will accept them directly for converting to text.
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