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Hide non synchronized Exchange folders on Iphone 4


I have a client who literally has thousands of sub folders off his inbox in Outlook. Its called prospects I believe and they are all under that folder. The iphone is set to not sync the "prospects" folder. However when on the iphone and he presses mailboxes it shows inbox, sent, etc and prospects and they are all expanded. So he has to scroll for several minues to get to the bottom of the list. He wants to hide from view the folders on the phone that are not synchronized. As in the prospects folder not show up at all. He uses several laptops and the iphone so moving it to a local PST is not an option and it does need to sync between the laptops just not the phone. I have never been asked that before and have no idea how to do so. Anyone know how to accomplish that?
1 Solution

To the best of my knowledge, there's no native method of doing that with an Exchange account, nor is there any "collapse" functionality to close the folder tree from Prospects down. This is a bit of a shortfall on the iOS platform.

Until iOS supports hiding or collapsing folders on an Exchange account, the only fix I can dream up is to build a second mailbox and move the client's Prospects folder there. With the proper permissions, they can have both mailboxes show in Outlook when on a PC, thereby allowing them to work with their Prospects folder, but the folder structure won't be in the mailbox which is synced to their phone.


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