Internet not working suddenly

I have a client tomorrow morning who says they have 2 laptops that recently are not able to get online. They're saying they connect with their password, it says connected and they're not able to open any websites. This is happening in 2 separate laptops. What do you think I need to check for?

Thanks in advance.
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Brian GeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like they're trying to connect wirelessly. If both can't connect to the Internet all of a sudden despite being connected (with presumably a strong connection), it's possible that while a wireless connection had been successfully established, there was no Internet connectivity (interruption, what have you) being supplied to the WAP itself during this instance. If the same laptop(s) are not able to gain an Internet connection at your site though, then that would probably throw the aforementioned theory out the window...
RaneeshConnect With a Mentor IT SupportCommented:
try pinging to the gateway address;
try pinging to the dns address;

if connectivity part is ok; then check which browser they are using? if they are using internet explorer ask them to try with firefox or chrome

pls post your reply
now2010Author Commented:
Thanks, I let you know tomorrow what happened
now2010Author Commented:
That client ended up cacelling so I guess I'll  never know.
now2010Author Commented:
Client ended up cancelling so I don't really know what the results would have been
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