Amahi Home Server Setup Freezes at "Initialising Storage Pooling" using Fedora 14


I am trying to setup an Amahi 6 Home Server. I have followed the instructions on the Amahi Website and have installed the repositories while installing Fedora 14 on a new box. When I open the Amahi Setup in Firefox and enter the installer code. It freezes at 66% "Initialising Storage Pooling".

I have tried restarting the service, the pc and also followed the troubleshooting guide on the website but still no luck.

Has anyone had a problem like this  before?
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gheistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Nobody registers to sites to get product without public documentation around.
Since it does not work for you choose something better. I suggest OpenSUSE as it uses same LVM which Amamamama server calls disk pooling.
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