The system cannot log you on now because the domain is not available


I have a domain setup with around 50 server 2003 boxes and 2x server 2008 DC's. Intermittently servers are dropping off the network and when you try and log on you get the "domain is not available" or "there is not enough memory to process the request" messages. If I log on locally using the ILO i can ping the DC but I can't ping the server from the DC. Following a reboot of the box they will work ok again. I've tried using perfmon to see if it's a memory leak and that is ok and I've disbaled the TCP offset and RSS options in the NIC cards as per an MS KB.

Is there any other way of troubleshooting these issues?


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chrisdownesAuthor Commented:
Domain is unavailable
MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
Check the DNS. try to ping you domain and not the domain controller. Pinging the domain should resolve the IP of one of the domain controllers. This is mostly due name resolution issues.
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^^^^^ agreed about DNS.

You may be going to an outside DNS server to find domain SeRVice records that point the way to your Authentication server.
Also, what is providing DHCP?
chrisdownesAuthor Commented:
There is no DHCP all servers are using static IP's.

There is no external DNS this is on a private network and is not accessible externally
Just trying to get a feel for the network:

you stated "I've tried using perfmon to see if it's a memory leak and that is ok and I've disbaled the TCP offset and RSS options in the NIC cards as per an MS KB."

Nic cards implies plural, as in two or more. Does this mean its a multihomed server? Multihomed servers cause a problem in the routing table and will give you the symptoms you are seeing.

Also, I need a little more explicit info. You stated Server and DC as in two different entities. What are we having intermittent comms with, a member server or the DCs?
chrisdownesAuthor Commented:
MS found it to be a mem leak

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chrisdownesAuthor Commented:
MS solved the problem
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