Which 3D file format should I use, ASE, STL or VRML

I'm using labview to display a 3D model with certain data and user can operate on it.

Labview accept 3 kinds of 3D files, ASE, STL or VRML formats.

May I know the software to make these 3 type 3D file. And there advantage and disadvantage.
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satsumoSoftware DeveloperCommented:
It depends on where you are getting the model from and what you want to do with it.  All have text version are text based, all have hierarchical structure, none are exceptionally bloated (like XML).  STL has a binary format too (faster to load and smaller file size).

STL is the simplest format, it describes simple triangle mesh models with one normal per triangle.  The format supports no material or texture.  There are variations that have added simple triangle colours, I don't know if Labview will accept them.  STL is mostly used by CAD programs.

ASE is a 3D studio max scene export, it supports transform hierarchies and materials, cameras, lights, various types of geometric primitives.  Its very much structured like the 3D Studio max scene itself.  If you are planning to create this file you will need to learn about 3D Studio.  I can't find much documentation of the ASE format.   Most 3D modelling programs will export and import it.

VRML is better documented, and can describe complex scenes like the ASE format.  It's perhaps a little bit less opaque than ASE.   VRML can support some degree of interactivity where ASE cannot.  Most 3D modelling programs will export and import VRML too.  Generally VRML and ASE are pretty much equivalent.

Which works best for you depends on the details of what you are doing.
ASE--->3dsmax file format. used in most game engines and versatile .
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