Installing a server for wordpress and similar

I would like to create some websites using wordpress joomla or similar.
I would prefer to install my own server.

Perhaps I should purchase a new small inexpensive server with a php/linux type operating system.

Can anyone suggest where I may get some good information for this exercise please?

Many Thanks
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Hell once again John,
 0.3 MB/s is really low speed. This will not be enough for you. Free services most probably will not have the requirements to install & run Joomla, WP or alike CMS system. Let's say you have a average .php page which contains let's say 10 queries and returning total 50 data.

 I believe, even for 1 visitor your website might be slow. If you have 2 visitors you will make your pages slower for both of them. There are many things going on with speed. For example;

 Your connection to your ISP should be good.
 Your ISP to your visitors ISP connection should be good.
 Your visitors connection to his/her ISP should be good.

 If you get average 0.3 mb/s this doesn't mean for each visitor you will get this average speed. Your connection to their connection will play a big part in that.

 If someone finds out (don't forget this is internet and since you open a website, eventually you will want search engines (like google) to index your website, so other people can find your website), your server is not well prepared / installed / secured, you are doomed.
 With 0.3 mb/s, you can't even protect yourself from DDos attacks even with hardware firewall. Imagine attacker is using 100 mbit connection against your 0.3mb/s speed, even if you have hardware firewall (considering all well configured and set up), your website is down for 100% sure.

 For testing purposes you can install XAMPP on your computer and test it there. Once you believe "ok, it is time to make it online", buy yourself a hosting. If your project will be local (not in English etc), I suggest you to buy hosting from datacenters in your country.
Hello John,

This requires extremely much knowledge. Security, updates, managing server, databases, etc.. etc.. It is not like just install the operating system and you are ready to go online.

You need really good internet connection. If you are running server, your download speed will not be that important as much as your UPLOAD SPEED. When a visitor will visit your website, starting to download the content of the website from server, it means, server is uploading these information. Depending on the website / information your server is going to send to the visitor, you will need more and more upload speed if you would like to provide fast pages to your visitors.

Security and other management issues will make you sit and read & practice about what you learned. Don't forget, if it was that easy, you would see billions of datacenters over internet today. Network / Server administrators requires huge amount of knowledge.

That's why it is easier and cheaper to buy hosting. If everyone who wants to open a website would need to be a server administrator, there wouldn't be a lot of websites on the internet.

Anyway, if you want to install it on your localhost and make some tests / development than I would suggest XAMPP. You don't need to know linux etc. It can run under windows.

Now back to your question, if you want to publish a website just for your friends etc ( limited people will visit, only the ones you allow / believe me you won't be able to have a lot of visitors if you don't have really good upload speeds) you can configure your router, to redirect all in-coming request for specific port to your xampp computer so visitors could access your website with your IP (such as

 If you want a better looking address, to make it for free, you could go with DynDNS. Which will give you domain names like, etc..

 In anyway, getting a hosting for your website and for testing your development before publishing it over internet installing XAMPP to your computer is the best solution.

 I hope this helps.
You can get an inexpensive server hardware and then install Ubuntu Linux, as described here: 

Webserver installation and configuration is explained in detail here:

Once you have the above, you can install Joomla, as described here: 
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johnhardyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that very useful information,

My upload speed is usually about .3 mb/s.

Do you know of any free hosting servers (for testing)
Greg HejlPrincipal ConsultantCommented:

johnhardyAuthor Commented:
Very many thanks for all the help, wonderfull !
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