Outlook 2010 Calendar - Is it possible to update the Location of appointment without sending an update

Customer is using Windows 7 32bit and MS Office 2010. The customer sends a meeting request to several people. The meeting is a conference call. The customer who is also the moderator for the call, then wants to update the appointment with private information about the meeting (codes, private agenda) As a reminder the customer(using Blackberry) wants the information to be put in the Location field. It they add the details to the location, it will not allow them to Save WITHOUT sending and update. If however they put it in the Subject field, they are able to save appointment without sending an update. It was possible to save without sending an update in Outlook 2003. Although it is logical to assume, Microsoft have added this as a new feature, so their users do not change the location of a meeting without letting all attendees know, Not all users need their hands held like this. Has anyone had to work around this issue, use a script, find and add-in. If so, please let me know, it is much appreciated
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As you know this is by design
No way around it, unless of course you used the Subject line for Location Information
Alternativley you can also put the location information in the Body of the Appointment

Of course one must realize by not sending the update, other parties who may require the info may not get it copied to their calendars.
Wold only be accessible if they were viewing a shared calendar
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