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2008 Server Loosing Local Account from Folder Security

Last Modified: 2012-05-11
We have a production environment used for a software as a service solution.

It is made up of a single domain controller and multiple member servers. All are operating Server 2008.

We have a need on each of the servers to allow a local user account access to a certain folder on each of the servers. The account is in the user group.

The account is  added to the folders security tab and the security attributes granted. (Full Control)

The security settings remain following log off / log on, reboots and gpupdate's. However each morning we come in and notice this account has been removed from the folder (security) of each server. Other security permissions applied to other accounts are not affected.

Can anyone advise why this is been removed each day and how we can 'make it stick'

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Check in your 2008 scheduled task, some might be running in the background as a policy or as a script.


Ahmed786: Thanks. No, there are no scheduled tasks running which influence policy.

Sorry for late reply as i was on leave.

An Active Directory domain controller that holds the primary domain controller (PDC) operations master role (also known as the flexible single master operations role or the FSMO role) runs a thread every hour to check the access control lists (ACLs) on the following groups and all of the member objects of these groups:

    * Enterprise Admins
    * Schema Admins
    * Domain Admins
    * Administrators
    * Domain Controllers
    * Cert Publishers
    * Backup Operators
    * Replicator Server Operators
    * Account Operators
    * Print Operators

If a user account is a member of one of these administrative groups because of its membership with a distribution group, the user account's ACL is checked when the thread is run and may be reset to match the ACL of the AdminSDHolder thread. If you use the repadmin /showmeta user distinguished name command to view the user account, you see that the ntSecurityDescriptor attribute is set within one hour after the last time you changed the ACL on the user account. The user account also contains the AdminCount attribute.

go thorugh below URLS it may help


Go through below URL in details about Understanding AdminSDHolder and Protected Groups in 2008



Hi Ahmed786,

Thanks, I suspect this is the issue, however the troubleshooting, diagnosis and fix is going to be more complex.

The account which is been removed is a local account on a member server, not a domain account. I am unable to use repadmin to diagnose the problem as a local account doesn't have a distinguished name??

also repadmin is only available on the PDC, not the member server.

The local account is been removed from a local group, all the documentation, including the Active Directory Technical Specification references this background task (AdminSDHolder) is protecting the AD and removing domain accounts with elevated domain rights. Not local user accounts under local groups.

How do I get this process to ignore this non-domain account?
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fixed it myself
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