How to limit speed of Cisco Switch 3750G, optical port

I have a 3750G cisco switch, with 24 ethernet port + 4 optical port

I tested OK limit speed on Ethernet port, with speed command, for example:
speed 10 # limit 10 mbis/s

But this command not effect on optical-port
So, how to litmit speed on optical port?

Thank you!

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Ernie BeekConnect With a Mentor ExpertCommented:
Not sure if this works on SFP/optical ports, but you could try:
srr-queue bandwidth limit weight1

Here weight1 is a percentage of the total bandwidth.
surbabu140977Connect With a Mentor Commented:
srr-queue command is only not applicable for 10gig ethernet interfaces. For the rest it should work. Hopefully on optical as well.
srr-queue command never works ideally because the speed is determined bu the hardware line cards. So if you need exactly X meg traffic it might be X+-few meg.

srr-queue works on egress traffic. So you might need policing for inbound. (although if egress is dropped the ingress flow reduces automatically).

Below is the config,

mls qos -->in global config mode
policy-map police-Xmb
class class-default
police <type value> bc <type value> exceed-action drop

int  x/y
srr-queue bandwidth limit Z
service-policy input police-Xmb

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