high page file usage on server 2003 64bit

I have a domain controller running Windows server 2003 64 bit with 8GB Ram installed.
It is also running Exchange 2007.
My question is about the page file usage - it is constantly at around 8GB - is that normal?
I dont seem to have any performance issues but just want to know if there is a problem i should be aware of?
Many thanks.
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It is normal. Windows needs the pagefile and performance is much better no matter how much RAM you have. Windows will also always use it. It puts seldom or no-more used data in there, that free's up the RAM so it can be used more efficiently.
Refer below article for for query.


A page file is created that is one and a half times the amount of RAM that is installed in the computer provided there is sufficient free space on the system hard disk. However, as more RAM is added to a computer, the need for a page file decreases. If you have enough RAM installed in your computer, you may not require a page file at all, unless one is required by a specific application.
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