looking for suggestions of a good commerical Expert System Software


I am looking for commercial expert system software that can help me rapidly develop an expert system for standalone systems with a customized user interface.  For instance, if a boat engine is not functioning correctly, the end user and start the program on their desktop, select the system the end-user is working on, based on the question set the expert system is using to gather input from the end-user to diagnose the problem, the expert system will suggest the repair manual number for the repair of the item, so the end-user can repair the boat engine.  The expert system will have need to have the capability to export each analysis session to a file that can imported into a enterprise Database system (sql, oracle, etc).

I have looked at the following and would like to know of some othe products I should consider.  Any info would be helpful.  


Thanks in advance
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Bryan ButlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your welcome.  Here's some more links and info:


There's also a ton of books and some on google books.  Please do let me know how it goes.  Thanks!
Bryan ButlerCommented:
There is a bunch out there and the wiki has some good info:

I would say the 'one size fits all' would be for small shops, whereas big shops would need too much customization so they go proprietary.  I have see one recently for automotive repair, but I didn't catch who it was developed by.  The auto repair does have alot of these and if they are as extensive as the one I saw they would make a good "example" of what's possible.
cesemjAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the direction, I will let you know how things turn out.
cesemjAuthor Commented:
Again, thanks for your insight.
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