ipad not printing correctly

I have a end user that has an ipad and is printing to an HP color laserjet 2840. It is using airprint interface to print through the wireless network to thr hp. I can run a setup test print from the ipad and it does print black text.However when it does the rainbow logo test which is the next test it runs all it prints is solid black boxes. I have switched the printing to grayscale, because color is'nt even one of the options, and it still prints solid blk boxes. I am not much of a Mac person ,but I do know my way around a pc.
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Has your end user tried printing to a different printer?

A lot of printers are not compatible with AirPrint iPad/iPhone printing.

That printer in particular has known issues with Macs and Mac devices and is not identified as an AirPrint compatible model, per Apple: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4356
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Personally, I am shocked that the iPad doesn't support Apple's own printers (though they did discontinue them a while back).  Your HP has Postscript built-in which is why it ought to work with the iPad.
A search; however, revealed what might work great.  This is a free app from Brother for the iPad/iPhone and it supports a large list of their printers.  Since they all use Postscript and PCL, I'll bet one of the color laserjet models will work:  http://www.brother-usa.com/downloads/iphone-ipod-printer.aspx
(Try the HL-4570CDW)
begearra123Author Commented:
The user in question claimed that it did work at one point and even printed in color.This was when he originally bought it. I was called in because the other pc's on the wireless network could'nt print to it anymore. I inspected and found that the tcp/ip port ip numbers on the desktop and the win7 laptop where the same number as each, but not the same as the printer had or the Ipad. Coincidence?. I don't think so typical of an apple product at least in my experience that when you install an apple product it takes over and makes it's own. I believe that the ipad found the printer and connected to the printer by changing the ip of the printer, consequently causing the other pc's to lose there connection. I ended up changing the printer port ip on both pc's to match the ipad.
  I tested the printer and it prints text fine it just will not print color or grayscale.
  I am closing this question I do thank you both for the response I will accept a multiple solution and split the points. According to hp airprint will work with any hp printer that is eprint capable, however only printers made after 2010 have eprint older models need firmware updates if they have been written. The printer in question does not.
   Davis however is also correct in saying the printer should work because of the postscript, and it does just not pics.
   the user did not want to pay the time it would take to resolve.
so thank you both. I had found all this out in researching the job, but thought I might be missing something this the reason for the question
begearra123Author Commented:
This gets a B due to the fact that I truly believe that it did work at one time but due to the inabaility to tweak the internal print settings in an apple Ipad using airprint this problem will not be resolved.
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