Outlook user-defined fields in mail message

I defined some custom fields for the Outlook mail message and it works OK.
User can enter the value into the field during the editing of a new message (using my addin).
I added the fields to the folders as well, so user can see the value of the field he entered later, inside his 'Sent Items' folder.
Now, when user A sends the message to user B, user B can see the value that user A entered - and I want to avoid this.
One way to do this is probably to subscribe to the NewMail event at recipient's side and clear the value.
But I'd like more if I could mark the field in such a way that the data in it isn't sent to the external recipient.
Is it possible?
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David LeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, grishav.

No, that's not possible.  A message is an object.  There's no way to say send part of the object but not all of it.  It's an all-or-nothing proposition.
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