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SBS2003 duel nic configuration ISA 2004 switching to Comcast SMC Gateway need Configuration help.

Orion1969 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have a SBS2003 Server configured as follows with my current soon to be replaced ISP

1. The SBS Server has ISA 2004 firewall running on it

2. One Network adapter faces the internet (WAN side) with a static IP setup without any other devices in between.

3. The other network adapter faces the LAN side feeding the clients.

4. The server handles DHCP

5. Exchange 2003 is setup and running not using the POP 3 settings but SMTP

6. This server also runs Remote web Work Place.

My new ISP is Comcast with the following Device and services:

1. SMC8014 Business IP Gateway
2. We are paying for 5 static IP's

My primary goal is to set up the Comcast SMC Business IP Gateway so that it mimics my current configuration in that I have an un-filtered static ip on the wan side of the server.

My secondary goal is to assign one of the static Ip's to another server on a separate network using the same configuration conditions as the first please see the following pictures with IP information erased this should help explain what I have typed. Thanks in advance.

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Install a switch between the SBS and the ISP device.  Connect the SBS and Server02 to the switch.  Give the SBS external nic the info from the ISP with public ip1, give Server02 the same, with ip2.  Better, put a firewall router with IP2 between the ISP and Server02 to control the traffic to Server02.  Give Server02 a private IP address.  Configure the router to pass whatever traffice you wish to Server02.


Thank you for your input. I was not specific enough in my question. I am looking for help configuring the Comcast SMC 8014 business gateway to specificly supply the static Ip address to the servers externaly facing NIC. The instructions for this device are very basic and they are not very helpful to me.
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While this was not what I was really asking for as I was attempting to avoid calling Comcast and getting put on hold or should I say forget over the phone it was indeed necessary.

 It turns out even thought he person answering my question really did not answer it as anyone could figure out give them a call. ;)

 Comcast must be called so they turn off DHCP on their end. Yes I was able to figure out the Gatewaays settings once I received it after the install ( My post Was Prior to receiving the gateway and I was trying to set the question up in advance of receipt to start getting answers as quickly as possible.) I am awarding points to the person who was trying to help, this person was the only one to step up to the plate and I appreciate that. Thank you
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