What is the syntax of this RegEx?


  I need to extract the string "I wish to get this" from this string

      <td width="268" style="padding: 2px">I wish to get this</td>

  What is the RegEx to it?
  Marco Castro

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You should post this in the regex zone.

For your question, there are several answers. As with most questions of parsing, it depends on how flexible you want to be.

The simple answer, if all your table rows will look exactly like that you can do:

<td width="268" style="padding: 2px">(.*)</td>

// C#
string pattern = @"<td width=""268"" style=""padding: 2px"">(.*)</td>";

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But more likely you'll want more flexibility, as that will be too specific.

<td width=".*?" style=".*?">(.*)</td>

// C#
string pattern = @"<td width="".*?"" style="".*?"">(.*)</td>";

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Or you may not even know that the td tag will have width or style at all, in case maybe something like this one, but your match will be in group 2 ($2)


// C#
string pattern = @"<td\s*([^>]*?)>(.*)</td>";

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