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I just upgraded my Outlook 2007 to 2010.  In general I like it, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to refresh a view.  I have my "Views" set to show only unread mail (which is what I want), but as I wade through my Inbox the view is left with a lot of read messages that I wish would just disappear after I read them.  Not only do they remain until I leave and return to the Inbox, but I can't find a "refresh" command to leave only the unread messages.  Please help.


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Brian GeeCommented:
I tested this in my installation of Outlook 2010. Yes, the read email remains in the Unread Mail list, but clicking the F5 key on your keyboard should refresh the view making the read item disappear.
A couple of options come to mind:

1. Could you setup a search folder that just shows you the unread mail?
2. You could make a quick step function to mark an email read and move it somewhere
3. You can arrange your inbox by read/unread status (it wouldnt move your items, but the unread mail items would be at the top)
4. You could make a rule that moves all read mail to a different folder everytime a new message is delivered.
5. You could use a filter to just display unread messages.

I guess it really depends on what you want - do you actually want the read messages to be moved, or just not shown.
philsimmonsAuthor Commented:
My question was answered, and a few additional helpful tools were suggested.  Thanks!
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