javascript not working

This script does not work for me and I dont know why I thought it would take away all the tool bars and title on the Internet Explorer tool bar and other things like the menu.  
g_newWindow ="index.html", "_blank",  "location=no,titlebar=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,status=no,resizable=yes",false);

     <title>Appeon Web Library </title> 
 <script language="javascript">    
       function startApp() {
       g_newWindow ="index.html", "_blank", 
 <script language="javascript">

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HohlovDimaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most browser are blocking such popup windows because they are considered to be harmfull. I tested this javascript in ie and it offer me to allow run script or no. If i allow it will be shown.
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BanthorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
IE 9 is not allowing for me as well;
trusted site
compatability view.
POPUP bloker disabled

But first, What browser version are you using?
Are you getting any script errors?
Have you tried moving the call to startapp into the header script tag.

Also, for IE 8 and above, Elements with Event Handlers (onclick etc ) may require a new tag
defer="defer" to prevent IE from failing SCRIPTS before the Page has finished Loading

and I am concerned about other DOM elements as well
The Browser wars are heating up again.

1030071002Author Commented:
I am running IE 8 and no scripting error. is there any thing equal to which works with all the header. no startapp it is in the body should I try to put in the header
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