Blackberry Scrolling Problem

On this Blackberry Tour on Verizon, a user told me he can't scroll anymore.

On the home screen, you can scroll back and forth between apps, but if you hit the Blackberry button to get to the apps screen, you can't scroll anywhere. Also, whenever in an app or menu that has a drop down menu option, you can't scroll up or down there either.

That is - unless you're holding down the caps key! I noticed that while I'm holding down the caps key on the keyboard, scrolling works normally. What option did this user change to make this happen? How do I put it back?
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Brian GeeCommented:
If this Blackberry Tour has the scrollball, see if you can remove it to get any dust/junk/crud out (a short blast of canned air) to see if this helps. At worst, maybe the ball would need replacement.

Before even venturing the above, please see if removing the battery, letting it sit for a minute without the battery, and then replacing the battery helps in resolving the issue.
DVation191Author Commented:
My Mistake - it's actually a Blackberry Bold - no scroll ball - just the touchpad. I'll try the hard restart too.
DVation191Author Commented:
Rebooting work. Weird!
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