Sharepoint 2010 SQL Databases not in use

Strange request but...

I think there are Databases in my SQL instance (created purely for SP 2010) which are not in use (for example, I created a DB for Project - I prefer to precreate my Databases, but can see that SP requires following :-

Project Reporting, Archive, Draft and Published

I have in addition, a Database which I created and pointed the Service to caleed _Proj_SP_Content. The issue is, since the four aforementioned Databases are the ones which SP 2010/Project Server 2010 are supposed to use, is my other Database _Proj_SP_Content actually in use and/or required ? Running an SP_WHO2 shows only one SPID anf this is for .NET SQlClient Data Provider, is sleeping and shows 0 for both CPU and IO.
I obviously don't want to decommission a Database which is in active use for SP - any suggestions please ? If I try a detatch, it shows 3 active connections.

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GeorgeGerguesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can find which databases are being used by SharePoint here

stsadm -o enumcontentdbs -url http://YourSPServerURL

Or you can get it from the Central Admin .

There is much more than just the content DBs that are being used,

The Application services each has one as well
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
Take them offline, see what breaks.
I am sorry I should mention that stsadm Command

stsadm -o enumcontentdbs -url http://YourSPServerURL Or Application

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TheGeezer2010Author Commented:
Hi George - will try that command - I was aware that Services also require databases.

Hi Ach1lles - bit drastic in a Production environment :-)
TheGeezer2010Author Commented:
Hi George

Can you advise the command to use for application please - e.g. secure store service

That Powershell script should do it for all.
I am sorry
I mentioned the 2007 version

In 2010 you can run this script from withing SP management PS

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