How do I Copy the Config to New Procurve PoE+ Switch?

I have a ProCurve 2910al-PoE+ switch that died and have a replacement on the way.

I have a copy of the Running Config from the dead switch. How do I copy the config to the replacement switch. I know out of the box you need to use the Console Setup Screen. Can I copy the config to the new switch from the Console Setup Screen?

If not, how would I best copy over the config.

Thanks - Frank -
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SouljaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Once in the console. You can just copy and paste the config from a text file into the new switch. I would do it section by section just to ensure the commands take properly.
You could also copy the config file into the switch's flash through xmodem in hyperterminal, but my previous suggestion is the easiest.
Craig BeckCommented:
You could also configure the switch with an IP address, then web browse and upload the config file.
With the 2910  (and other newer manageable procurves), you can copy the file to a USB flash drive, place the config1 file on the flash drive, insert the USB drive in (front panel location) the new switch and then copy the file from the flash drive to the new switch.

Obviously these are not exact commands but the principle is accurate.

Make sure you are using a fast flash drive and the whole process is very quick.

Just stating this information to help others not original author of the original post.

P.S.   The CLI command:   "dir" is helpful.
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