RoboCopy Help - Finding Failed Jobs

I recently did a 500Gig robocopy job on my server.  The log that was created indicated several failed files.  I tried to run a search for the word failed but could not find the file in the log which spans several hundred thousand entries.  Does anyone know of a script or program I can use to go through this log and find these errors for me?
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oldhammbcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
when its happened to me in the past it was because users had changed permissions on files etc.
I just searched the log for the word denied.
Also this is a great tool for searching through huge logfiles..

Hope that helps

Dave J
Mark-FungAuthor Commented:
That did it, it was a file access problem.  Thank you very much oldhammbo.  Do you have other "keywords" I can search by for possible future failed files?
in all honesty everything seems to come up as access denied, even if it is a corrupt file the log file seems to say access denied. Not very helpful i know!

Glad I was able to help!

Dave J
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