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White splashscreen on iOS

DoZo1971 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11

I'm creating an iPhone/iPad app which basically shows a (real-time generated) animation in a fullscreen OpenGL window. If I "close" it (press the home button), the current (last) picture is used for the "back to springboard" closing animation, automatically. That works. But if i then restart the app from suspended mode the splashscreen is white. Until the app "truly" restarts and picks up the OpenGL imagery again and things look fine.

I would think that iOS would make a screenshot of the app in it's current state whenever a user presses home to use in the splashscreen animations. But for some reason this screenshot is lost when the app restarts from suspended mode.

Same behavior on iPad and iPhone, simulator or device. I use iOS 4.2.1. Xcode 4.0.1

Any idea's?

Kind Regards,
Daniel Dekkers
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Hi, it was our own bug. We pushed the view from the viewstack so underlying white appeared.

The splashscreens are a hassle. I'm now trying to make a smooth fadeout with CoreAnimation (add an UIImage of the original splashscreen on top and fade that one out). That works fine as such but... the problem are all the different cases, iPhone, iPad, orientations. Big switch statement, ugly.
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