Cluster Disk 2 fails in Windows 2008 R2


I have setup a two node cluster running Win2k8 R2 Enterprise.

I setup a shared LUN on my SAN and was able to discovery storage on both physical servers (nodes). When I went to Disk Management and enabled/online both disk, I was able to see my biggest disk/storage within Microsoft Clustering manager. However, my second disk which is 19 MB is unable to format. I was able to put it online, however when I try to complete the format, it says cannot complete successfully.

For my Quorum Configuration, I'd like to selct Node and Disk Majority. So I believe I'm supposed to have withness disk and Availiable Disk. I figure the 19 MB is for my withness disk, not 100 % sure????

My Storage Clustering Manager only identifies my Availiable storage, which is the LUN I created for these two node cluster's data. The 19 mb disk is X in red. It errors out.... Cluster resource 'Cluster Disk 2' in clustered service or application 'Available Storage' failed. Event ID: 1069.

Not sure if this is cause it's not formating properly. I appreciate your help and support.



Jaime CamposAsked:
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Minimum 500 MB for your quorum (or any NTFS drive) -
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