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i have a cifs server on a nas box that i wanted to join the domain, it would work using the domain admin account and had to create an enterprise admin account to do it. just wondering why this would be ?
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Most NAS servers are Linux/Unix based Operating systems. You have to create an account for it, because Linux and Unix don't add the account within AD for itself.

We had to do this for all of our 2TB SNAP servers, all our 8TB Buffalo Terastations, and our 54TB NetApps servers.
Domain rights should be sufficient for joining domain.

Only forest wide tasks such as forest prep, domain trust require enterprise admin . Did you check the log in the domain controller?
mikeleahyAuthor Commented:
no i didnt as the problem is now fixed. i usually add pcs and servers to my domain using admin account but it just didnt work with the nas box.
mikeleahyAuthor Commented:
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