Bootcamp on MBP vs Windows laptop

I have an HP laptop to run specific Windows software and for travel.  I also have a MBP with VMWare Fusion.  But I can't run all the Windows software I need on the MBP because it would grind to a halt.  However, I don't like Windows laptops.  I'd rather get another MBP and use Bootcamp.  I can then take advantage of the MBP's superior trackpad and hardware, among other things.  I'd also be able to run WinXP.

For those using Bootcamp on a Macbook, have you noticed any disadvantages vs using a dedicated Windows laptop?

Price aside, is there any reason to get a dedicated Windows laptop vs a MBP running Bootcamp?
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No.. :)
The MBP will run Windows just fine. And if you are running in a dual boot scenario with bootcamp, you have full access to the hardware.

Arguably Mac hardware is superior to pretty much anything produced in the Windows world and if you do need tech support, Apple is consistently rated at the top.

The only possible disadvantage that I see is if you are running some high-end game that requires some specific video card and if the MBP doesn't use that card you could have an issue. Other than that, if money is no object, I'd buy the MBP.
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