VMware vSphere Datastore alarms

Is there a way to change the percentages that vSphere uses to determine the status of datastores?  I use a SAN that does thin provisioning, so I don't use VMware's thin provisioning.  So I have a Volume (Lun) with 1000GB of space, and I create a flat virtual disk on it of 950GB.  Since it's flat on the VMware side, I know that it will never grow beyond 950GB.  VMware flags this with the red Alert! symbol anytime you see this datastore, because there is only 5% free space on the volume.  What I want to do is change the alert level to something like 2% so I don't get these flagged.

Is this possible?

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Danny McDanielClinical Systems AnalystCommented:
click on the vCenter server name at the top left corner of the vSphere client, then the alarms tab.  then click on the definitions button and you can edit the appropriate alarm(s) from there.
Sure - the alarm is probably on your vCenter level, so while logged into vCenter, just click on the Alarms tab, find the specified datastore alarm and modify it as needed.

brandenbAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I wasn't going all the way to the top of the tree - the vCenter level.  Was able to change it there.
brandenbAuthor Commented:
Just needed to go to the top level
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