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Hi Experts,

I have a questions regarding file permissions of folders and linking this with a distribution group using Exchange 2007.

We currently have a shared area where staff saves files to. Problem is over time its become a mess and we are planning on ditching this and creating a new shared area with is more permissions based.

I want to change this new folder so only certain groups of users are able to save work on this share. What would also be useful is if that same group could also be used as a distribution group for email on Outlook.

I wanted to ask what advantages and disadvantages are there for using 'mail enabled universal security groups' in Exchange 2007 which I think will allow me to use a group as a distribution list in Outlook as well as a AD security group to provide permissions for folders.

Would I be better of creating 2 groups with same name, one which will be a mail enabled distribution group for use with exchange and then create a normal security group in AD which would be used to lock down persmissions on files and folders.

The first option sounds great but I am thinking what effect would this have if we ever decided to remove exchange or upgrade exchange, what effect would this have with the folder permissions? I am guessing they will disappear if we ever removed exchange  as it seems the mail enabled groups are heavily linked with Exchange.

If you guys could give me your opinons on this that would be great. The first option would be better as it will save me creating duplicate groups and manually adding in members and it also means 1 group to manage for each department and team.

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MegaNuk3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Even if you were to remove exchange the group would still work as a security group and provide access to shares, folders and files.

Don't make every DG a security group though as they consume more space in AD. Create or change DGs into security groups as you need them.
Use the first option, there are no disadvantages. It is much easier to admin than 2 groups
RobKanjAuthor Commented:
superb - thanks MegaNuke
Thanks for the points.

Also note, that exchange will also convert DGs into SGs if they have been used in exchange to grant permissions e.g. Assigning a DG Public Folder permissions from Outlook
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