HP XP1600 NAS - "Do not boot" sticker

We just got one of these for some future expansion.  Does anyone know why there would be a "Do not boot" sticker placed over the power button?

I know this is a stupid question, but why the warning?  Is there some alternate way of bringing it up the first time?

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If you got these with a storage array, the manual tells you not to boot the NAS until after the array controller has fully powered up.

This is from the NAS 8000 manual:

Caution: Do not boot the NAS servers until the storage array has finished powering up. As
the array is powering up, amber and green lights will turn on and blink. When only green
lights remain on, it is safe to boot the NAS servers.
what you boulght it from somebody and it had a sticker over the power button it could be its going to blow up next time it boots be carefull and use a remote switch to test it
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