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Access-list for a redistribution

just wondering if the following access-list for a route-map to be used for ospf redistribution will work?  
I am trying to deny just a host within a network and redistribute all IPs on that network.  The access-list and route-map
is below:

router ospf 10
 redistribute static metric 1 metric-type 1 subnets route-map REDISTRIBUTE-STATIC

route-map REDISTRIBUTE-STATIC permit 10
 match ip address 30
 set metric 1
access-list 30 deny host
access-list 30 permit
access-list 30 permit
access-list 30 deny any log

 Thanks much,
1 Solution
John MeggersNetwork ArchitectCommented:
I haven't tried this but my guess is it isn't going to work.  But as usual it really boils down to "what problem are you trying to solve."  Are you trying to prevent traffic from reaching the host?  If so, obviously an ACL would work, but that's not very scaleable.  You might want to play around with black-hole filtering.  Basically set up a route-map, match on an ACL and set the next-hop to null0.  
ccie13026Author Commented:
This was something to try and not a complete solution.
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