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Hi Can any one suggest me any Video based tutorial to completely understand Exchange Database and Mailflow.
I know few CBT's like TrainSignal which i already have.

I want a clear understanding of Architecture and troubleshooting scenarios.

Waiting for your Values................................
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See this particular link.

However it depends on your Exchange version since there is a lot of difference between the versions.
AhmedAliShaikAuthor Commented:
Hi just now i went through the link which you have provided.They are Good.

The thing is can we get any videos which demonstrate the overall architecture of Exchange Database and mailflow.

Even microsoft provide training for
Exchange Server 2003: Troubleshooting & Disaster Recovery
Can i buy those stuff.

I want both 2003 and 2007 exch server.Please advice me.
try this out, on the same page search for 2007.

the CD/DVD covers Diasater rocvery.
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