jQuery - Injecting HTML string into a div element

Hello all,

I'm just wondering what the best way is to add and show a chunk of HTML to a div which already exists on the page.

I have a div called "result_list", as the user types a list of results will be returned from search.php



I want to inject this in to the div element every time they type in the box.

It works so far, I just want to know how to inject/update the HTML in the div

Thanks for assistance,

// jQuery code so far
	// Handle search result from top menu
	$('#search_term').bind("keyup", function(e) {
		// Set the values
		var search_term = $('#search_term').val();
		// Set the data string to be sent to the script
		dataString = "search_term=" + search_term;
			type: "POST",
			url: "ajax/search.php",
			data: dataString, 
			dataType: "html",
			success: function(search_return) {
				$('#result_list').// inject html to existing div

			error: function() {
				alert("not successful");

// Already existing div element
<div class="result_list"></div>

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Try :

$('#result_list').html(search_return); replace current content


$('#result_list').append(search_return); // add

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Well first thing you need to do is set id element for your div like :-

<div class="result_list" id = "result_list"></div>

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and then you can use the solution leakim971 given above,

Hope this helps.
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