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I am toying with a new project idea.  You've all seen the movies.  Building security monitoring a intruders location in a building.  The little red dot moving real time against the floor plan.  I want to develop a project that uses this kind of technology / concept.

I don't think you can use GPS, because of the detail of location information I need real time.  I was thinking RFID, but I don't think it was meant to be used this way.  

Does anyone have any solutions to obtain this kind of data, that is equipped with API's so that I develop it in .net?
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Hmm, notsure why you say GPS is not the way to go, unless of-course you are looking at implementing your project on a "local" site, e.g your home / office block. I know the tech for this is out there,used for things as tagging criminals.  Unfortunately, I can not recomend any resource to yourself as of now but will keep my eyes peeled and do some net research.
GPS is usable, but you need the sender, too.
i.e. mobile phone or radio...etc
IamtehbestAuthor Commented:
I am looking to do this location tracking in a room, 70x20 call center with cubicles.  GPS can be that detailed?
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