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We are planning to set up a fulfillment center.  I am trying to find out the bandwidth we need.  Let's say 20 people are downloading PDF files at the same time, each file avgs 20mb.

How can I calculate this.  thanks
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Ken BooneConnect With a Mentor Network ConsultantCommented:
Well first of all you need to keep this in mind.  Bandwidth is measured in bits or kilobits... file sizes are measured in bytes or kilobytes.  Big difference there.

so a 20MB -- big B it byte.  would be 8x20 = 160Mbits.  Now for the overhead we will use 20% which will be he tcp overhead and stuff like that.  So the data that needs to be transmitted for 1 user is now 160 * 1.2 = 192Mb for each person.  So now we have a 192Mb * 20 = 3840Mb or roughly 3.8Gb of data that needs to be transferred.  

So now the next question is how fast do you want this to occur.  That will drive the pipe size.  If you have a 10Mb/s pipe that that data will 384 seconds to transfer.

These are rough calculations assuming optimal performance and overhead factored at 20%.
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
this is good enough...thanks
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