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Home Networking:connect router to router and wireless

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Last Modified: 2012-05-11
My high speed cable enters the house in the basement. That was ideal before wireless networking as I have the house fully wired with ethernet. All the ethernet cables and the cable TV begin in the basement next to where the cable modem is. I still have a third floor room where I need ethernet for xbox, netflix, & computer and 2 rooms on the second floor where I want ethernet. The Time Warner wireless modem in the basement for some reason (I have tried 2 other good routers) does not broadcast a strong signal to the first floor; actually the second floor gets more bars than the first floor. I want to pull the wireless router up to the first floor but still have the capability to get ethernet to at least 3 other locations in the house, two on the second floor and one on the third floor. What I am thinking is to: (see diagram - it's easier I think)
-extend highspeed line using male-male connector to connect to existing TV cable line that terminates next to kitchen computer.
1.Connect wireless cable modem to the extended line.
2.Come out of modem with ethernet into the wall that terminates back in the basement.
3.In basement connect line coming from the modem to a 4 port hub
4. From hub, connect 2 ethernet lines back up to second floor computers and 1 line to the third floor room to another hub. This hub will support (not at the same time) XBOX live and a nextflix enabled blu-ray player.
Will I see significant degradation anywhere using this configuration? Is there a better way to config?
Thanks much. MoyerNetwork.pdf
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If the house is fully wired for ethernet why not do this the best way for coverage and put a wireless router on the 2nd floor and if need be on the third floor by your AV stuff to get direct ethernet plugins.
This would be an ideal for signal coverage and keeps you from messing with the Cable modem.


So then you are saying:
-Keep cable combo wireless/wired modem in basement
-On second floor put wireless modem in where currently there is a direct wire to a computer
-Come out of that router into the computer
-Keep everythng else the same

lol - that's easier and better for sure thanks.

What do I have to worry about when I have 2 wireless modems in the house? Anything? Special Config?
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Thanks Hutch 77 - appreciate it.
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