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How do I stop Windows 7 Search re-indexing with every reboot?

ptruswell asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
As most users will know by now, Windows 7 Search (and it's Vista predecessor) can be very powerful but also, as in my case, can be a real pain.

I need to be able to fire up Outlook 2010 (which I use for all my business enquiries and records) and use search, either from within Outlook or from the search field in the Start Menu, to find previous customer details which are held in my calendar appointment entries.  Trouble is, especially if a call comes in early in the morning after I've switched the computer on, Outlook returns incomplete search results or no results at all because it is still indexing.

Please can someone tell me if it is possible to prevent the re-indexing after every reboot from happening?  I want to be able to fully turn off my computer to save power/environment etc., but I also need a fast response from the search function.  Surely Windows should perform the whole indexing function once and thereafter just keep it up to date as files are changed and/or added? (or when changes are being made to the indexing function using Indexing Options)

Actions taken so far using Indexing Options:

1.  reduced number of directories searched to the absolute minimum (ie my external data store only)
2.  under advanced options unchecked all file types that I either don't recognise or don't need indexing

Your help would be much appreciated :-)
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It's been rebuilt several times already - I can't see that changing it's location should make a difference but I'll give it a go if necessary :-)

You could also check the word count / file size at shutdown and reboot. Like I said, none of my computers re-index at boot, which is why I thought file loss or corruption.
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Thanks everyone for your responses - I think I found the problem!

Just the small matter of one of my Western Digital drives in my central data store (My Book Mirror Edition) failed yesterday.  This could of course be entirely coincidental and totally irrelevant to the Question I have asked here re. W7 Search but I can't ignore the timing.

I've also run scanpst.exe which did report errors.

Finally following the general panic and fire-fighting caused by having to attend to a flaky HDD in my data store, I did a Send/Receive on the back of the repaired outlook.pst.  Curiously 100+ emails came in - 95% of which I had already received and filed into my Inbox subfolders.  Do I understand any of this (particularly why the repeat emails came in) and what actually happened?  No; but it is clear that the .pst was, shall we say, under stress!

Bottom line is the Indexing problem has gone away - until the next time! ;-)


The best thing about EE is that you usually get sensible responses - this is another example :-)
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