Exchange 2007 Shared Mailbox, send as and deleted items.

We have a shared mailbox with multiple users having Full Access permissions for.  They each have this mailbox added to their Outlook profile.  However, when they send as the shared mailbox, the send items go in their own folder, rather than the sent items folder for the shared mailbox.  Same goes for deleting items.

Is there any way to make these send as and deleted item requests go to the sent items / deleted items of the shared mailbox?
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tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Actually, you can configure this.

You need to set the DelegateSentItemStyle, as documented here:

Try the registry tweak before installing the hotfix - you may not require it. However, if you do, the hotfix linked in the above article is valid for Outlook 2003. For 2007 and 2010, there are different hotfixes required.

For 2007, refer to

For 2010, you will need to install

You also need to edit the version of Office in the registry path. For Outlook 2003, use \11.0\, for 2007, use \12.0\ and for 2010 use \14.0\.

Sent items and deleted items always into the folders of the mailbox that's open as the primary mailbox. There's no way to change that.
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