Moving Schema and Domain Naming Master

Is it possible to move the schema and domain naming master roles to a second tree in a forest?    
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Quoting from the "Cat" book, "Active Directory, 4th Edition", by Brian Desmond, Joe Richards, Robbie Allen, & Alistair G. Lowe-Norris (page 26):
"It is a common misunderstanding that the schema and domain naming masters cannot be hosted outside of the root domain. Any domain controller in the forest (from any domain) can host the schema and domain naming master FSMO roles. In general, we recommend that these FSMOs be kept on a domain controller in the forest root unless you have a reason to place them elsewhere."
Don S.Commented:
No.  each tree maintains it's own FSMO roles.
Darius GhassemCommented:
Possible yeah but recommendation is to keep them in the forest root domain

Place the schema master on the PDC of the forest root domain
SGoodwinAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for the good information!
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