Unable to download new emails in Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007
Exchange 2007

I have two accountants that can't download new emails.  Both have "mounted" a shared Exchange 2007 mailbox, along with their personal mailbox.  If I remove the shared Exchange mailbox, their mail starts downloading again.  If I added back the shared mailbox, they can't download email.

When I say "mounted", I'm referring to Tools, Account Settings, double click on the name, More settings, advanced, click "add".

This started happening this week.  There have been no changes on my Exchange server.

Any idea why a shared mailbox would stop mail from downloading.  I mount accounts this way all the time.  Only these two people have this issue.
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md168Author Commented:
I found the problem.  I made the change in the following posting.


I'm restarting Exchange tonight to see if it fixes the problem.
Shared mailbox corruption ??
To check if these shared mailbox is corrupted or not:
Can you access this mailbox using OWA ?
Do you have tried to open alone this shared mailbox from a new outlook profile ?
md168Author Commented:
The registry change fixed the problem.
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