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Can I redirect an email from my remote RDS desktop to my default client email

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Last Modified: 2013-11-21
I need to redirect an email generated from my application on a Windows Server 2008 R2 to my client default email on my machine. Is this possible? How do I do this?
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Between sender (application) and recipient (you) must be an email server. I presume that you have one, as you have email client. Send the email to your email address connecting to that email server.


The application generates a PDF file which is to be sent to a to a specified email address. When the application is run on a desktop, the new email pops up with the PDF attached ready to be addressed. When run on the remote desktop, the application complains that "there is no email program associated to perform the requested action. Please install an email program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel".
This is my problem, I am trying to redirect the action to the clients desktop default email program.
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic Advisor
Top Expert 2015

Not feasible. All the data needed is remote, and even printing requires a printer driver on the RDP server.
You need to have an email client setup on that server.


Seems hard to believe this is not feasible. The latest version of RDS does not require me to load printer drivers to the server. It finds all my printers and redirects to the default printer on any of my users desktops. I am even able to print to PDF files where the application is only loaded on my machine, all this without any printers enabled on the server. Microsoft has done a great job on this RDS versus Terminal Services.
I can also access all the ports on my local machine and activate barcode readers and USB devices, although I have to specify them.
It seems that I need to find a way to access the default modem on my local machine. It may be that I have to set up an email client on the server but then redirect it to my local default client.

How does the application generate the PDF file?  Does it create the PDF using a printer object?   CutePDF; AmyUni; etc...?  If so then it may be possible to utilise the native Easy Print functionality.

Do you have SP1 installed on the 2008 R2 RDS?

Yes, I have SP1 installed.
The PDF is generated within my application which is written in Alpha Five. I believe that Alpha Five uses the Amyuni driver.
Once again, I can print the PDF to my local machine through redirection, just like any other local printer. What I am trying to do, however, is to send an email with the PDF file attached using my local default email client. I want the send email to redirect to my local machine.

Then Qlemo is correct:  this is not possible - at least not natively.  

If you have the time and inclination you could write an application that uses a virtual channel (or hire a developer to do it for you).  You could register the application on the RDS server as the default email client so when your Alpha Five application invokes the default email client the particulars of the email are read and sent via the virtual channel to a client-side component that reconstructs the request and invokes the client-side default email client.
Cláudio RodriguesFounder and CEO

As others mentioned, this is only possible with a third party application that would use a virtual channel to redirect the mailto (I assume that is what your app is using and calling the registered app on the system to handle emails) call to the local app on your PC.
There is no other way around it. If you are good with development, given all the examples for Virtual Channels and RDS you should be able to pull this off easily.

Cláudio Rodrigues
Microsoft MVP - RDS
Citrix CTP
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This solution worked for me (using the client). I didn't get the redirect I wanted, but I was able to use Windows Live and I don't want to write the software to give me the redirect. I could not find a third party soltion for that.
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