Oscommerce module that will FTP orders to an order processing business

Does OScommerce shopping cart have an add-on module that will transfer (via ftp) my daily finished orders in a txt file.  It is a B2B solution that will automate the orders by converting them into a readable format (txt file) and transfer those files, via FTP, directly to us for order processing.  
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It can monitor a folder on the local computer, on a UNC network share, or on a FTP, FTPS, or SFTP. You could theorhetically monitor an HTTP server folder too but most of them don't return directory listings in a supported format or at all.
I know this is only a partial solution but you can use Robo-FTP for the ftp part.  It can be configured in as a "hot send" windows service that watches a folder and automatically uploads any new files as they appear.
livewirewebsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Can it only locate folders/files on your desktop or can you configure it to locate files on a server?
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