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Windows 7 drops lan connection about 4 seconds


We have started in a enterprise envoirment slowly the rollout of windows 7.
Now after running some for a couple of month's the LAN network connection starts to dropout for 2 or 6 seconds.
What we see is that the citrix client is reconnecting , later with a close look and attention its the hole connection that gives a yellow mark in the systray, this will take up for a few seconds and is back on track.
At the time , Outlook stops responding wich is hosted by microsoft self, Citrix is trying to reconnect , some users have the luck that its comming back some uers needs to manual recoonect as the time was to long with a broken connection.

It started after a weekend doing same maintainance on the power supply. The upload to the switch has no connection from the gateway,( no lights) after changing it to an other port it was back . after a couple of days i turned it back to the orginal port and working.
I flollowed same cable with users that had problems and it looks that everything was going to 1 switch (Cisco) but with a test of changing a user to another switch it did came back.

When users are disconnected its never on the same time together.
i checked the dhcp lease time's but where very different from disconecting time's.
all users that are disconnected run windows 7.
i got one user that had already the same problem for more then 3 month but is located on a different site and does not use Citrix.

my own laptop has the same problem I i do see the connection drops at home.
strange thing is , aim comming to conclusion that windows 7 is the angry evil in this one but why after a weekend that we did change power?
A network Cisco guy is doing the config of the Cisco's and enterpise stanaards.
i looked of course on the internet and talking about disable ipv6 but no luck.
I see some about disable power options to take the lan out of the loop of that , trying that next week , but why 8 pc's at the same week?
it started after the wekend of 26 march.

aim lost.
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1 Solution
Sounds like a driver issue.  Try downloading new drivers.  Or using a different network adapter.
ottenshxAuthor Commented:
Installed the new driver and on 1 pc installed a PCI network card , same problem , it take a while for comming back as the problems accours 1 or 2 times a day .
(and its very busy)
ottenshxAuthor Commented:
Hello All , sorry for the late reply , but :
Answer :

I search for an tool that can log the ping and come across that this can be done with : ping -n 1 detination >> Pinglog.txt but I want to  see it in a more gui style.
I found a really simple  ping tool (freeping by Tools4ever) and configure it in such a sharp time way that a failure  directly can be seen.
When I was configuring the tool the error come already to me , when finalized the second one after 20 minutes come across , captured the screenshot and popup message and study.
When you see the screenshot ping 1 error then I come up that the Switch .21 needs to be faulty according the location of my pings.( i can not upload the screenshot as it is company information but i did ping internal switches and external host, gateway)
I want to  draw this and have a good picture of the situation , so walked down to the server room and check where goes in what cable stuff.
At the moment that I was taking notes I see that one glass fiber upload cable became orange for about 8 seconds, the other side of that cable stays green.
So thinking this could be :
•      Broken Port Switch
•      Not good configured
•      Broken Gbic module
So that the connection is interrupted anyway I decided to switch the gbic module into another port of that .21 Cisco switch to see and test.

And guess what , from that moment , I do not have ping errors anymore and no emails from users with interrupted connections.

ottenshxAuthor Commented:
At least we have an answer and problem solved .
this kind of hardware things is so difficult that it is hard to track from a website , so for other guys its a reason to think of if the situation is particully the same.
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