Unable to apply Citrix Policy!


I've been trying to apply a Citrix Test Policy to my Citrix Test Farm but it doesn't seem to be applying at all! Is there anyway to force the policy? Does it take a long time for the Policy to take affect? I've been trying to disable client devices such as hard drives in my Citrix sessions but it's not taking affect! I made sure that I logged out of the test account and make sure all sessions where killed before logging in again!
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Carl WebsterCommented:
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In the Citrix1 image you sent, the policy name is Test Policy.  The Resultant Policy shows a policy named Drive Policy being applied.  The Citrix2 image shows the policy only being applied to a single user.  When you run the policy wizard, only filter by the one user name.
Carl WebsterCommented:
Right-click Polcies and run the Resultant Policy option.  That will tell you what is applied, or not, for your user account.
makel2Author Commented:
Okay don't want to seem smart when I say this but shouldn't I see the Policy affect on the Client machine?
I mean I stated in the policy that I didn't want to see devices such as CD-ROM, hard drive in the session yet there they are! Btw I used your tutorial to build my test farm, I knew your name was familiar! http://carlwebster.com/blogs/webster/archive/2009/01/03/Learning-the-Basics-of-XenApp-5-for-Windows-Server-2008-Part-1-of-7.aspx

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