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I need help trying to get a successful backup with Symantec Backup Exec 12.5.

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Last Modified: 2012-06-21
I don't know what to really ask here but i will give as much detail as i can, i am sure you will have tons of follow up questions to get to a result.

I am running Symantec Backup 12.5 on Windows 2003 Server and have attached a tape backup. We run nightly Full backups, We have gone several weeks with successful backups and now it spits the tape out and requests another tape but never finishes. We have made no changes recently that would cause the tapes to run differently. the tapes are 200/400GB tapes and we backup approx. 200GB of data nightly. This job usually completes in about 10 hours and currently we cannot get the job to complete successfully. i never get an acual error message, it appears to backup successfully all the data it will just not finalize and finish the backup.

If any ideas or questions please let me know.
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Are these new tapes or old tapes? If they're old, how old and how often are they wiped?


Tapes are about 2-3 years old. we never "wipe" the tapes completely. we have 33 tapes that are swapped out 5 days a week so a single tape will get written over once every 45 days or so.
It just ran out of space, and needs another tape to complete the backup. Do you have a tape library wher multiple tapes can be inserted?

If so you will need to allocate multiple tapes in the pool that you have assigned for the backup.
Sigurdur HaraldssonSystem Administrator

There are no alerts or warnings? Does the second tape get ejected or not? What about you put the first tape back in when it hangs like this?

Try taking a smaller backup to see if that is successful. If so, then you might have to split up the backup. That's not a solution, I know but if you get a success backup that way, it's worth it while you figure this out.


I used a different tape one that ran successful a week prior and that atleast completed with no changes made to the backup job.
It did fail but it was due to a few corrupt files.

So i do believe some of our tapes are bad or need to be wiped.

It is not running out of space the bit count is just over 1GB and asking for another tape on a 4GB tape.
I have removed the corrupt files and I am attempting to run another backup today.

Is there an actual way to wipe the tapes? is this a regular thing that should be done with these tapes to make them last longer?


to answer you questions sighar:

The only alerts i get are to load another tape after the first one ejects. once i put the second tape in it does nothing, it says it is loading media and then ejects that tape out approx. 30 min later. i have not tried to putting the 1st tape back in after it ejects.
System Administrator
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ok thanks sighar i do have verify enabled if/when it ejects the first tape fore completing then i will put that one back in and let you know if that works.


Do you know if you can wipe/format a Tape from Backup Exec 12.5 or software that comes with a Tape Drive?
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