Outlook 2007 meeting request using AD Distribution List creates faulty appointments


I have an issue with Outlook 2007.  When you create a meeting request and address it to a distribution list created in the Active Directory, the results of appointment are faulty.  For example, if I send a meeting request to Z_DistributionGroup@domain.com, and it is set for 4/22/2011 between 6-6:30 am, the recipients sometimes see the appointment from the time I sent it through to the appointment time on 4/22/2011.  And the kicker is that I can't see it on my calendar.  The only way to see it is to look at all appointments.

Has anyone had issues like this or know a fix?  Its kind of a drag to have to add each attendee individually...

Thanks so much!

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David LeeCommented:
Hi, NancyCPS.

I haven't seen that, but I might have a workaround.  After adding the distribution list to the To line click the + sign next to it.  That should ask if you want to expand the list.  Say yes.
NancyCPSAuthor Commented:
I actually found this on another question - and there was a link that took you to Microsoft that tells you specifically to avoid DLs when making meeting requests.  Thanks!
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