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Exchange 2007 SP2 Issues

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-11
Hello experts.

We have an Exchange 2007 SP2 Enterprise server whiich was recently migrated laterally into new hardware from a Server 2003 box.  The new hardware was freshly installed with Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1 on an Intel Mod Server running ESXI 4.1,  and has been completely updated to within the last 30 days.

We are also runing an Edge server in front of this server.

Since the migration though we have been having issues with Autodiscover not working correctly and all the issues which go along with this.

Some of the issues have to do with users when they move their laptops from wired to wireless connections within the building (still attached to the domain) then back or vice versa - they have to re-authenticate back to the exchange server - as they are prompted with a login box instead of just getting connected again.
Also the OAB is not syncing correctly to the users within the environment - most of the time when initiating a sync with the OAB - it just fails after taking a long time to contact the server.
The offline address book looks to be installed correctly, and there is a publlc folder database which is mounted and working correctly - but I get errors when running the best practice analyzer tool.
Also the OOF (out of office assistant) on Outlook will stop working - still works in OWA, just not in their Outlook 2007 clients, and it generates an error stating the server is not available at this time when attempting to open the OOF.

I understand that some of these issues are Autodiscover in nature, but others could be unrelated ,and we just need to start looking at best practices and work our way down to make sure that everything is set up correctly, and that we can get the environment healthy and operating as expected.

Also when runnign the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool for autodiscovery - we generate errors for the whole test for the most part.

I have posted some video and screen shots of issues we are having - If any more information is need, please don't hesitate to ask - I will award full points to those who have the best answers for these issues.
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Why aren't you running SP3 for Exchange 2007?



I apoligize the server is at SP3 - that was a typo - as far as your Autodiscover article I went through it as you described to reset autodiscover, I received this out at the end of the output for the cmdlt: Test-OutlookWebServices | fl -
Id      : 1003
Type    : Information
Message : About to test AutoDiscover with the e-mail address testing@mydomain.com.

Id      : 1007
Type    : Information
Message : Testing server Internal.mydomain.Local with the published name https://email.mydomain.c
          om/EWS/Exchange.asmx & https://email.mydomain.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx.

Id      : 1019
Type    : Information
Message : Found a valid AutoDiscover service connection point. The AutoDiscover URL on this object
          is https://internal.mydomain.local/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml.

Id      : 1006
Type    : Information
Message : The Autodiscover service was contacted at https://internal.mydomain.local/autodiscover/autodisc

Id      : 1006
Type    : Warning
Message : AutoDiscover Returned the error: 601:Provider is not available

I am not sure if these are good or bad outputs - although the last output looks to be bad at this time.

Any more help would be appreciated.



I recieve the 600 Invalid Request - as you had stated I should receive earlier.

I am wondering also if IIS 7 is causing some issues here, as this server was migrated over from an IIS 6 environment to IIS 7 - I was able to get OOF (out of office assistant) to work on Outlook by going to Autodiscover and opnening the authentication feature, and editing the "Basic Authentication" type so that the default domain would not be blank and would point to the local domain - "Anonymous Authentication" has been left disabled.

I know that there are other virtual directories involved such as EWS, OAB, and RPC - but not sure what their authentication attributes should be, and am wondering if this could be causing some of the issues we are experiencing.

So it sounds like the AutoDiscover URL is working properly now.
The only way to truely test it is with Outlook and the autoconfig test. Does that work?

Here are the VD defaults:

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Ouch. Oh well, at least it is resolved now.


Fixed this internally - thanks for everyone's info.


All set.
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