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I have a spreadsheet that has 2 sheets, the main sheet and sheet1 which sheet1 is used for a data dump.  The spreadsheet is of CMS agents and all their info.  Well the issue is that my data dump will show people that worked that day and not ALL the employees.  That is why I created a main sheet that list all employees and will retrieve the data from sheet1 but it will look for the agents name then the value that is needed.

I am thinking that a Vlookup will be necessary.  I created an example spreadsheet that has a main sheet and the sheet1.  Where the main needs to retrieve the data from sheet1.  However, it is important that it looks for the agents name first, then finds what it is looking for, then the value, since the agent names will be collected randomly.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Maliki HassaniAsked:
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SiddharthRoutConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is this What you want?

Maliki HassaniAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sid
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