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Windows licence and dell

I have a question about windows licence with dell computers. I have window 7 installed on dell computers with product key label on each workstation.

I would like to know whether if i can the  created image from a workstation and install them on others if there are system crash? to avoid creating image for each PC

Thanks for your reply
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2 Solutions
OEM licenses do not allow organizations to reimage. See the OEM Specific Information: section of this Microsoft document for more information:

Jackie ManCommented:

According to RBK00, it says:-
"It turns out that with the new licensing requirements on W7, it is a violation of the license agreement to run sysprep or "clone" a factory image of W7 to other systems. Ugly, but true....even just RUNNING sysprep against a factory image is a violation...unless...

If you have a Software Assurance agreement, and are doing this with W7 Enterprise, this is not an issue, or if an Enterprise Agreement is in place. The preferred method is to use W7 Enterprise, and that gives a lot of flexibility with the proper paperwork in place.

I was surprised to learn that any attempt to reimage a factory system results in a license violation, even if the plan is to go from one factory image with a valid COA to another, exactly identical machine ALSO with a COA. This is different from the XP days.

Microsoft wants the customer to have and SA or EA in place, otherwise you must live with the installed factory image. The only valid way to reimage such a system is with *factory* recovery media, or backup media made from that particular machine that is license compliant."

Source: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itproinstall/thread/10d9debc-77a5-4ad9-8554-aad8429f8a02

So, legally, you are now allowed to clone OEM Windows 7 machine, but technically, it is possible (but I will never try.). For details, please read the above link in depth.
Jackie ManCommented:
In short, you need to purchase volume licence from Microsoft for Windows 7 Professional.

According to the advice of leew, it says:-

To create an image, you are NOT required to purchase a volume license for all systems - a single copy (or single order of the minimum) gets you the necessary Win7 Pro volume license media for which to build the image which you can then deploy to all systems that have Win7 Pro on it.

Source: http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Microsoft_Operating_Systems/Windows/Windows_7/Q_26917579.html
Jackie ManCommented:
The infromation belwo might be useful for you.

Scenario #1

You buy 100 machines from Dell that comes preinstalled with Windows 7 x64 Professional, OEM licenses.

Q: Can you install a few apps on one of them, do some configuration, sysprep it, capture it, and restore that image to the other machines?
A: No, you will be violating the EULA. You have to ask the OEM to the customization for you, and redeliver a new recovery media to you, or a new drive, or a new machine.

Q: What options do I have?
A: Assuming you want to deploy the exact windows edition, language and components.

You can buy at least one license of the of Windows 7 x64 Professional to get the volume license media. Deploy that image (which is already sysprepped by Microsoft) to all your machines.

If you need a reference image (maybe with some updates/apps and/or customizations, then you do the following:
- Install that media (in a virtual machine so you can use snapshots)
- Install any apps you want to the virtual machine
- Customize the OS
- Snapshot the virtual machine
- Sysprep it
- Reboot into WinPE and capture it
- Deploy the captured image to all 100 machines.

Note: You should be using MDT 2010 Lite Touch or similar deployment solutions to automate the above steps

Scenario #2

You still buy 100 machines from Dell that comes preinstalled with Windows 7 x64 Professional, OEM licenses.

Q: You want to deploy Windows 7 Enterprise to all the machines
A: Buy 100 volume licenses for Windows 7 Enterprise, use the above steps to create and deploy a reference image.

Source: http://www.deploymentresearch.com/Blog/tabid/62/EntryId/4/OEM-and-imaging-The-rules-of-the-game.aspx
kriiisAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply, i will let you know..

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