Sub Degree cooling on Asus Rampage III extreme

Hello all,

I'm running some tests right now on my CPU @ sub degree temperatures via Phase cooling. The temperature should be close to -50c which is the readout on the evap, however I seem to be hitting a wall @ -9c as for what the comp itself is reading.

If I undo the Overclocking / lower voltages, the temp still sits at -9c, as opposed to lowering. This is shown in the BIOS as well as realtemp when booted.

I'm currently using an Asus Rampage III Extreme with the most recent BIOS update. This mobo was supposedly designed for extreme Overclocking via methods like LN2, so I would think it'd have sensors for sub degree temperatures.

I'll attach an image of the RealTemp sensor test, so you can see when it hits the -9c wall.
 Real Temp Sensor test
Any help is appreciated.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i doubt if the hardware is designed to run at such temperatures, best contact ASUS for more info on this
DarknlightConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
After weeks of digging around, it turns out that Asus wasn't the problem with the temperature readings, it was actually the temperature sensors on the processor (intel i7-950) that wouldn't read below -9.
tx for feedback !
DarknlightAuthor Commented:
Nobus was correct in noting that it was likely the hardware that couldn't handle such low temperatures, however it turned out that the motherboard wasnt the problem, rather it was the processor.

I would still like to award points to nobus because he was still correct about it being a hardware issue, and was definitely on the right track.
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