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Secure access to Network using iPad

We are looking to give a few executives iPads to use when they are traveling or at home.  Most of the time they will just need it for email which is fine since that gets pushed just like to their iPhones.  However, there will be times when they want to access a file or presentation on a network share or their own desktop and we are looking for the easiest, low-to-no cost, but still secure solution to this scenario.

Currently external access to the network is either through IPSec VPN or a dedicated Terminal Server via the web.  I have looked at LogMeIn Ignition, but haven't heard great things about how secure it is and am wondering if the built-in iOS VPN client would be better and then pair it with an RDP App like iRdesktop, Mocha RDP or iTap RDP.  I also looked at FortiMobile VPN, but we currently don't use SSL VPN and not sure if its worth it just yet for a few iPads.

Can anyone provide some information about the relative security levels of the RDP apps I mentioned above or even some others that I haven't?  Or if you have iPads that remotely access your network, what do you use/reccommend?

Thanks much for any info to clarify this for me.
3 Solutions
We are using the build in iOS VPN with our Lancom Routers.
For accessing the Desktop PCs we use the VNC protocol with the  "PC Access" app.
Svet PaperovIT ManagerCommented:
I am using the integrated iOS VPN client and iTap RDP for remote management of my servers from iPhone. I am happy with both; the VPN client supports IPsec which is prety secure; RDP is also very secure protocol and iTap RDP supports NLA
Aaron TomoskyTechnology ConsultantCommented:
I use the integrated VPN as well with Wyse or itap. Wyse is nice as an admin but more than most users need. And more expensive too.
JMayerSellarsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input, it helps to get confirmation of what I was already thinking and to know that it is considered a secure remote access method for iPads.

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